I have been a professional contra dance musician for 30 years.
I continue to tour nationally with a number of bands:

  • Stringrays (Rodney Miller, Max Newman, Stuart Kenney & Mark Hellenberg)
  • Notorious (Eden MacAdam-Somer, Larry Unger, Mark Hellenberg)
  • Dance-a-rama (Myself & Mark Hellenberg + revolving fiddlers)
  • Supertrad (Duo with Eric Schedler)
  • BluEarth (Duo with Jamie Gans)

I also work with the highly acclaimed old-time band:

  • Hogwire (Brad Leftwich, Linda Higginbotham & Abby Ladin)

In addition to performing, I am very involved with teaching traditional music from my home in Bloomington, IN, in person or via Skype.
I teach:

  • Five string banjo (old-time & bluegrass)
  • Tenor banjo (Irish and Dixieland)
  • Mandolin (old-time, bluegrass, Irish)
  • Guitar (old-time & Irish)
Sam Bartlett

Thinks Best in Wire


Available Fall 2017

Thinks Best in Wire - New Dance Music

New tune book of all original tunes. Includes 11 page auto-biographical comic about the trials and tribulations of my traveling music life. The book has 82 pages.
$20 post paid

(Domestic orders only. For outside US please contact me directly.)






All-original dance CD from Bloomington, Indiana mandolinist Sam Bartlett.
Springy, punchy, crunchy instrumental music for people who move to a groove; musical caffeine from an American original, someone who does not sound like anyone else. Sam is flanked by his long time touring partners, drummer Pokey Hellenberg & bassist, Ben Cooper, as well as a star-studded group of musicians: The King & Queen of modern contra dance fiddling, Eden MacAdam-Somer & Rodney Miller, piper Christopher Layer, and a trio of celebrated Cajun musicians , David Greely, Anya Burgess, & Kristi Guillory.

$15 post paid

(Domestic orders only. For outside US please contact me directly.)



Evil Diane


Evil Diane

A CD of all original Sam Bartlett tunes, with astounding cast of musicians—among them: David Greely, Christopher Layer, Jeremiah McLane, Eric Merrill, Sam Amidon, Danny Noveck, and more.


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